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Dungeon Funk – Beat Contest

Dungeon Funk – Beat Contest

After many years of history together Dungeon Meat and Slapfunk have come together to create an exciting new label and competition launched via Brawther’s Interweaved community.

Dungeon Meat and the Ingi Visions brothers are seeking fresh talent and weapons of sonic annihilation that champion the hard hittin underground sound that both camps are known for.

Each participant will be asked to submit one track (ONLY 1 TRACK, make it count!).

The competition is exclusively taking place on the Interweaved Community’s Discord server. If you would like to enter, please follow the link in bio and subscribe to the Big Brawther tier until September 30th. (The 10 euros joining fee comes with tens of hours of video content , music production tutorials, WAV downloads, sample packs and so much more!)

Once the submissions are over, the DM and Ingi boys will listen to them all and deliberate over their 10 favourite ones during a public livestream on Youtube.

The winners will be announced there and then and have their tracks feature on a 12″ record on the new joint venture label – Dungeon Funk.

Do you think you got what it takes to Slap the Funk into the Dungeon… and back?