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They say necessity is the mother of all invention and for Slapfunk this was the definitely the case. Rewind to a decade ago in Utrecht where a young group of music lovers needed a safe place to party and listen to the particular kind of underground music they were obsessed with.

“Nowhere else was giving us what we wanted musically so we decided to do our own thing with our own crew. In the beginning we were throwing illegal parties behind stadiums and anywhere else we could find without getting caught. Now fast forward 10 years and we are throwing some of the most talked about parties across the planet. It blows our minds to think how far we have come and warms our hearts to see how our artists have developed and become professionals in the game with really solid reputations.”


One of the defining factors that makes Slapfunk so unique is it’s musical perspective… One could say it’s more of an attitude than a particular sound. Obviously the name heavily suggests what we like to present … music that Slaps and has some element of funk to it, be it in the swing of the drums, the killer bass-lines or the sweet soul of the tracks we play. We grew up with the funk, we are children of the funk and we come with our new flavour of funk for the next generation.

Our sound is built on our roots of music centred around BASS, House, UK Garage, Breaks, Techno, Minimal, Dub, Hip Hop anything that smacks that speaker stack and makes our bodies move without our minds having to think about it. “Free your mind and your ass will follow” (George Clinton) … this is our ethos.

With such a definite sound and musical taste it made sense for us to take the next step and create a record label and a platform for all the incredible talents that were crossing our path. A way of us to nurture our sound and fertilise our scene. Now with the label fully established it is sighted by many as buy on sight due to the releases being guaranteed dance floor dynamite.


With any kind of scene or movement it wouldn’t have any momentum or sustainability if it didn’t have loyal supporters and when it comes to social gatherings the dancefloor is the nucleus. It’s the people that put the heart in the party and without that there really isn’t any vibe. Slapfunk parties are renowned for having vibrant atmospheres, highly energetic crowds, the most discerning ears and dedicated, hardcore, loyal supporters. Without this we couldn’t do what we do and we feel so humble and grateful to have built the beautiful community that we have today.


With the Slapcasts we try to capture the dancefloor rapture and invite guests to create a mix especially for us. Most DJs take great pride in putting together something special for us and the result has been a series of mixes that stand up against some of the best in the world. Occasionally we share live sessions from the parties as sonic souvenirs for our supporters to relive those magic moments and special sessions that go down in Slapfunk history .


After years of hard work and determination, pushing through all the adversity, our parties always kept our hearts beating and were the driving force behind everything that we did. Now years later that persistence has paid off and we can hold our heads high as we look at what we have created and the friends and connections we have made.

Originally hailing from Utrecht but now calling Amsterdam our spiritual home we have built a network of the best venues in the city that uphold the Slapfunk vibe and support our community, providing a safe environment for us to dance. Now in our 10th year that network is starting to grow internationally as we spread the Slapfunk vibe across the globe.

It’s safe to say from the response of the people that come to our parties that we have had some legendary events and witnessed some legendary sets from some of the best DJ’s and performers on the planet. With each event the intensity seems to grow as our crowd becomes more of a family as we dance from day into night and night into day.


It’s been proved in science that positive atoms attract positive atoms and this is how we feel about the people we have attracted. The amazing team we have, the incredibly talented DJ’s and Musicians we work with and of course the beautiful, crazy crowd that come and show so much love at all of our parties . We would like to thank everyone who has believed in us , everyone who didn’t believe in us and everybody who has contributed to our story so far. We appreciate each and every one of you and can’t wait to create more magic moments together.

The Funk Is Here To Stay

One Nation Under a Groove… Getting down just for the Funk of it.

They say persistence beats resistance which in our case is true. Through all the challenges , against all the adversity we are still Slappin the Funk and are stronger than ever. With a decade of experience under our belts it really feels like we are just getting started and now we are ready to take our label and parties to the highest heights. No stopping us slappin’ because the funk is here to stay.

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Gaasperplas 2018
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Easter Gathering 2017
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The Zoo Project 2016
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Bret Amsterdam
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